71. It Is Very Simple To Be Happy 📿

Did a special friend forward you this email and now you’d like your own?

Here, let me help you with that:


It’s Sunday.

I’m about to start my final (oh it feels soooooooo good to say that) London renovation project and I need these guys.

Grab a glass of water, here’s five things you may find interesting and/or meaningful.

1. A quote

“It is very simple to be happy,

but it is very difficult to be simple.”

Rabindranath Tagore

2. Reading

You are not your job.

3. Renovation Planning

These beautiful tiles for the floor of the wet room I am visualising.

4. A Poem

Ask yourself honestly — Paul Ferrini


“Ask yourself honestly: are you looking for a steady, predictable life?

Is this what you want?

If so, you must realize that the world cannot offer you this.

Everything in the world is in the process of change.

Nothing is steady.

Nothing is predictable.

Nothing will give you anything other than temporary security.

Thoughts come and go.

Relationships begin and end.

Bodies are born and pass away.

This is all the world can offer you: impermanence, growth, change.”

5. Loving

Ceramics inspired by molecular biology.

See you next Sunday.